Hotel and Restaurant Consultancy

We founded "D and L Management LTD" because of our passion and dedication for hospitality.

Our accumulated skills and knowledge are due to long working hours in some of the largest hotel chains, both in Bulgaria and abroad, in some of the best restaurants and service oriented companies worldwide.

  • We know that each hotel is a “living organism” and each part of it has to work as a team in order to achieve outstanding results.
  • We know that each guest is important and it is our direct responsibility to make each guest happy and satisfied.
  • We know that properly developed operational standards are one of the most important factors for having a smooth operation and are the key to success.

  • Team

    Lyuba Misheva

    Founder and Owner

    Люба Мишева

    Professional Background:
    Housekeeping Management, Laundry Service, Online Review Management, Customer Experience Management, Strategic Planning and Time Management

    My first steps in Hospitality began in 2001, when I started studying in International College Albena, Bulgaria (currently Higher School of International College – City of Dobrich) from where I did acquire a bachelor diploma in Hotel Management .

    So far, I never had an affinity towards the hospitality and my choice was random. But as everything in life, nothing happens by accident. Since 2001, "my accidental choice" is my profession and my passion. I believe that the people who do what they love , are happy people. I can proudly say I am such a person. Chance is also an important part through the way, but without the hard work, many personal compromises and love for what you do things can not happen. My professional journey started with the Kempinski chain in “Kempinski Grand Arena”, in the city of Bansko, as a Housekeeping Coordinator - going through the positions in the department and reaching the position of an Executive Housekeeping Manager.

    During these 16 years , I was part of different types of hotels and different chains, both in Bulgaria and abroad. From small hotels to hotels with 600 rooms. It was an honor and privilege being part of “Ramada hotels, Princess hotels, Kempinski hotels, Sense hotel, Sheraton hotel etc.

    Working abroad (USA, New York , Skarsdale Golf Club, Germany, Albecker Hof, Everland Group and Floris Hotels, Belgium) gave me the chance to meet different ethnicities and operational programs and enriched my personal view. Part of my professional experience includes also consultancy for Outsourcing companies both in Bulgaria and abroad. My interaction with online hotel reputation companies showed me the other side of the business and the importance of the Guest feedback.

    I believe and know that implementing the proper operational standards, hiring the “right” employees, and giving them a proffesional training is a guarantee for success. Most valuable for a hotel or a restaurant are the people working there because they offer the service, they are the connection with the guests and the reason why the guests will choose to return. When we invest time and efforts in “our people”, we build our future and reputation.

    Kiril Panayotov


    Килир Панайотов

    Professional Background:
    Food and Beverage, Sommelier

    Since early childhood, I have always wanted to work in a big hotel like those I have watched on television.

    From this moment, my adventure in tourism started – making one of my dreams come true.

    My high school diploma is from “Aleko Konstantinov” school / in Bankya/ where I did learned the basics of the culinary and restaurant industry.

    A week, after my high school graduation I started as a cook in one of the finest restaurants of that time – The “Hrankov Castle”.

    For a short period of time, I was promoted to the position of “Sous Chef” despite the early age of 20.

    My next adventure began in one of the emblematic hotels of that time, namely “Kempinski Zografski” located in the city of Sofia.

    During that time, I managed to learn a lot about the processes of Managing people and Managing of the Restaurant processes happening in a 5 star property. The position I achieved was the one of a “Catering Manager”

    In addition, I obtained a Bachelor's degree in Marketing and Management from "MTM" College in Sofia and a Master's Degree in Business Economics from “Paisii Hilendarski “ Universtity in the city of Plovdiv.

    My love and passion for the “Wine” made me take part in many master classes in Bulgaria and abroad related to Wine and Culinary.

    The total number of hotels I have consulted so far is 20.

    I believe that Tourism as an industry has a great potential and resources for Bulgaria and We – all the professionals in the hospitality industry, are the ones by whom its prosperity depends.

    Elena Hadzhidieva

    Елена Хаджидиева

    Professional Background:
    Front Office, Reservations, Guest Relations

    Elena Hadzhidieva has acquired her experience in the hospitality industry in 5-star hotels in Egypt, Mexico and Bulgaria.

    She holds a master’s degree in law, as well as qualifications from the American Hotel & Lodging Educational Institute (AHLEI). She has worked on vari-ous managerial positions in the Front Office & Reservations as well as Guest Relations Departments and has a vast experience in sales and management of holiday properties.

    Petar Tsvetanski

    Петър Цветански

    Professional Background:

    Petar Tsvetanski has been in the industry for 23 years. He has acquired his experience mainly from city hotels and restaurants.

    His secondary education is from the Culinary High School in Bankya. He has also a diploma in Economics. He has been a chef for 17 years, as 15 of them as a Head Chef in a 4-star hotel in Sofia.

    Zarina Nazarova

    Зарина Назарова

    Professional Background:

    Zarina Nazarova worked with many famous pastry shops in Sofia, created dessert menus for restaurants, and taught at one of the most famous culinary schools in China OMICK. Constantly participates in various festivals and exhibitions.

    She is a member of the Bulgarian Pastry Chefs Association and is an accredited teacher of the OMICK Pastry School in China.

    She studied with world famous chefs, attended and organized master classes in Bulgaria аs well.

    Zarina’s motto is “Any goal is achievable; you just have to put a little effort …”