Hotel and Restaurant Consultancy

E – Services

"Time" is the most valuable resource for the business and therefore we have developed the "E-Services" / electronic services / knowing very well this fact.

The "E-Services" option offers you to request through our site the basic SOPs required for a hotel and / or for a restaurant.

This option allows you to train your hotel or restaurant employees on the basic work rules and methods or to assign this task to your HOD’s.

We will issue the required SOP within a certain timeframe and in your preferred language, then send it to you via email.

Language options to choose from are Bulgarian, English, French, Russian and German.

Inquiry can be sent via the Request Form in our Contacts page.

Basic standards:

✔ Front Office/Reservations
✔ Sales and Marketing
✔ Housekeeping
✔ Food and Beverage / Room Service
✔ Kitchen
✔ Technical Support